5 Key Benefits of Using a Property Sourcing Company

October 6, 2020 10:23 am

There are many challenges of investing in property, meaning it can often prove difficult to find the right property. Working with a property sourcing company can bring you a world of benefits, meanwhile, opening a number of opportunities. You may be asking “how working with Borland Property can benefit you and your investments?” Our blog highlights five benefits you can experience by working with us


The World never stops. We live in a 24/7 world, reducing the time professionals are available for matters outside of the office, meaning their time to look for properties is heavily limited. Is this you? Borland Property is here to take the responsibility of property sourcing off your hands. Our service finds you the right property to suit your desires, freeing you up to turn your focus elsewhere. 


Through years of working in the property industry we have built a strong network of companies and individuals that contribute to the process of sourcing you the property you look for. This network allows us to keep our fees low, whilst still providing you with the best service. Through our network we also gain access to properties before they reach the market, giving you a fairly large advantage. 


The combined experience of the Borland Property Team and our wider network gives us an extensive knowledge of Glasgow and surrounding areas and their markets, giving you the greatest opportunities. Our experience has also allowed us to gain knowledge of how to gain the best market value of a property - we will negotiate on your behalf. 


Investing in overseas properties presents many obstacles, meaning working with a property sourcer can bring you an array of benefits. By nominating Borland Property as your property sourcing company you eradicate the worry of language barriers. Alongside language barriers, you also lower the risk of investing in a foreign market. As a Glasgow based property sourcing company,  we also hold the knowledge of laws and regulations surrounding property investment, allowing us to confidently advise, or put you in touch with someone suited to your queries. 

It’s All About You

Our priority is you. We commit our time and expertise to finding you the right property that fits your requirements. You can expect a dedicated service, building the foundations for a strong relationship - a continuous priority during Covid-19. This enables us to offer you the best tailored service through gaining an understanding of exactly what you are looking for, consequently allowing us to find properties you desire within your budget.


Property investment is a big step and a process which involves many steps. This can often seem daunting, however, when you pair yourself with the right company you can sail through and secure the best property for you. By working with Borland Property, you free yourself of the stress and responsibilities associated with property sourcing. Our focussed team will take the time to build a relationship with you and understand what your investment requires. With our knowledge and network you can be sure to secure the property which best suits your portfolio. Call us today to see how our tailored services could help you with your property investment.

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