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Acquiring, growing and managing an investment property portfolio takes a lot of work.

We exist to help new and experienced investors purchase high quality investment properties. We work in partnership with auction houses, banks, estate and letting agents, as well as private sellers, in order to provide the best on and off market investments for our clients.

As fully compliant and insured investment agents we work with investors nationally and internationally, taking the time to understand your strategic goals in order to provide the correct and most accurate investment properties around your criteria and circumstances.

Furniture packs

Imaginative and carefully executed interior design adds immeasurable value to your property. It underlies the status, prime location and desirability of the property in which you have invested.

Of course, the interior design of your property reflects your personal tastes – it is very much a subjective value. But the quality of interior design does not need to rely on the faddish or fashions of the moment. It needs to focus on classic décor, high-end products and quality materials.

That is probably no more evident than in the furniture used in your property. Whether new or antique, furniture not only maintains its value but has achieved record heights in recent years, with the UK furniture retailers and suppliers noting that some of the highest levels of inflation on furniture have been realised in the past decade.

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  • As both homes and businesses have launched renovation, remodelling and expansion projects, so there has been a corresponding demand for the services of interior designers.
  • Here at Borland Property, we draw on the professional expertise and experience of established interior designers to offer end-to-end management of your property, including bespoke styling of its interior and the supply and setting up of suitable, high-end furniture – with every detail from beds to TVs and home entertainment systems supplied.
  • The entire set up can then be professionally photographed to enhance any listing.


Staging – which is also known as property presentation or styling – is the art of preparing your home so that it looks its very best.

If you are looking to sell your home and achieve its maximum market value or want to attract the optimum rental value on prime real estate, therefore, staging is a critical part of the process.

Whatever and wherever your property, we are experts in custom styling to ensure that it is presented at its very best.

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The utilities required by any residence in the UK are likely to include – but are not necessarily limited to – gas and electricity, water and drainage, WiFi, telephones, etc.

Our dedicated service teams can be instructed to ensure that all your chosen utilities are set up with the relevant suppliers and are in good running order. Thanks to the volume of purchases we make from suppliers of various utilities, we may even be able to secure preferential rates for you.

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Our goals extends to more than presenting your property in its best possible light. We also share your aim to make your investment work hard for you. We share your interest in maximising the potential of your investment property portfolio.

Our partnership with you starts from the beginning, when you are first finding your way in the world of property investment. In partnership with you, therefore, we will formulate a personalised and customised plan to meet your particular investment needs, preferences and strategies.

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Key management

What is the secret to managing your property, keeping it secure, yet continuing to grant essential access to the constant stream of housekeepers, maintenance crews and other tradesmen?

That secret lies in appointing key managers you can trust – a key management service such as the one we offer here at Borland Property.

We can even arrange for any locks to be changed if that need should arise and will give instructions for three sets of keys to be cut.

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