Renovation Management

At Borland Property, we understand that whether you are an experienced or first time investor, your time is precious.

As a busy investor looking to renovate and flip a property, a bespoke renovation management service can take away the stress and time involved in managing such a project.

At Borland Property, we offer you a truly hands-off renovation management service  – ensuring the project is completed in a timely manner, to exceptional standards, and within budget.

Why you may need a renovation management service

Time costs money. Renovation is almost always very time consuming and that’s why large numbers of property investors choose to use external help when renovating properties.

Renovation management services also appeal in situations where an overseas investor, perhaps, or where you cannot be present to manage the work personally.

Carefully managed, those services might typically offer a faster lead-time to completion than a DIY approach – something that can be very important if your objective is to ‘flip’ a property for a fast profit.

How Borland Property can help

It’s imperative to select a renovation services provider with a proven track record of delivery. Even then, the activities must be tightly managed in order to deliver the maximum performance.

Due to our extensive experience in this domain, we can assist by providing:

  • Full end-to-end process management from key collection to agent handover
  • Hands-off renovation management for our clients
  • Site visits during renovation work, as well as snagging visits and sign-off
  • Furniture packs
  • Initial engagement planning, defining the scope of works and Gantt chart planning for the building works
  • Arranging for the installation of all utilities and their subsequent management
  • Key and keyholder supervision

The arrangement of carefully selected and trusted architects, warrants, structural engineers and specialist trades as required.To find out more how we can manage your renovation project, why not get in contact with us today for a no-obligation discussion?

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