Sourcing Properties

July 23, 2021 1:07 pm

Sourcing Properties

Investing in property is a fantastic opportunity for many and often a great way to make money, however, it can be incredibly time consuming. For many investors, time is a luxury, meaning every minute they have is often allocated to something. With the lack of opportunity to dedicate their time to other things they are likely to have limited freedom to find properties to invest in.

By working with a property sourcing company, investors gain the opportunity to invest in worthwhile properties. Property sources work with the aim of finding properties that will meet the needs and desires of their investor. These properties tend to be ones in which investors can add value to.

This presents advantages as investors are consequently adding properties to their portfolios that meet their objectives.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of a property sourcer is to find their investor an adequate property that will tick their boxes and in turn, make them money. Investors are typically time poor and money rich - property sourcers solve this issue by devoting time to seeking out the right property. This means investors have to give little time and effort to this part of the process.


Working with property sourcers brings investors a range of benefits. As previously mentioned, property sourcers eradicate the need for investors to devote time to property hunting. This allows investors to carry on their day-to-day commitments with the assurance a property that meets their desires and standards will be found.

By using a property sourcer investors in many cases gain access to their property sourcer’s network. Networking can be extremely beneficial and is incredibly popular within the property industry. With a strong network by your side for your investment it gains greater potential to be a success. A great property network of connections will also assist investors in finding the correct deal to match your objectives.

Property sourcers work to find properties on a daily basis, giving them a fantastic wealth of experience. With experience comes knowledge, meaning they can potentially predict which properties will pair well with your strategy objectives. This ties in with the benefit of being time efficient as working with a property sourcer should reduce time wasted on properties that are not worthwhile due to their experience.


At Borland Property we work around the clock to find our investors properties within the West of Scotland which they can add value to and later make a profit from. We typically source run down or below market value properties with the aim of giving our investor more value for their money. This is also beneficial as this then revitalises otherwise derelict properties.

By working with investors to regenerate life into these properties we benefit surrounding communities. Through property investment these properties are brought back into the community with a new lease of life rather than being an eyesore.


Property sourcing can be a commitment that takes beyond a lot of work, however, it is worth it in the long run. By working with teams such as property sourcers, investors can make the process of finding a property miles easier.

Property sourcers take the stress out of property hunting for investors, allowing them to enjoy the process and the benefits. With property sourcers finding appropriate properties, investors can focus their attention elsewhere and give time to creating a well established plan for their property portfolio.

There are many benefits to take advantage of when working with a property sourcer to find your investment property. As aforementioned there is the advantage of a reduced need to allocate time to the hunt.

Meanwhile, investors can also benefit from using a property sourcer as they can gain access to their network. With a network behind them along their journey, investors can hold greater confidence in their decisions.

Property sourcers are also a useful asset as they come equipped with experience - something investors, especially new ones, can benefit from. Investors can work with property sourcers to apply the knowledge gained from the experience of both parties and potentially utilise it to make their investment a success.

Disclaimer: This is information based on our knowledge gained throughout years of experience, education and learnings. This information is open to interpretation, therefore, you must carry out your own due diligence regarding the subject.

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