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The buy to let investment is thriving. House prices are rising and more people are looking to rent than ever before. With 18 out of the top 20 areas for buy to let investments being found in Scotland, this is a great time to get involved.

What is buy to let?

In a nutshell, buy to let (BTL) is where you purchase a property and then let it out. The person or people you let the property to pay you rent. Buy to let is probably the most traditional investment strategy and is where most people get started. It covers all sorts of properties from a studio flat to a five-bed property, as well as many other different investment goals.

The benefits of buy to let

Investing in buy to let the correct way is considered a reliable investment. This is because in the long term, property prices go up, despite the odd short-term blip.
By letting a property you can earn money two ways – from the rental income and the property’s capital growth.
And with the ongoing housing crisis, where stock is in short supply, and more and more are renting, there is an increasing demand for good quality rental properties – which you can provide.

A bespoke, personal service

At Borland Property, we will work with you to identify and achieve your investment aspirations. Perhaps you want to invest your savings into property, get a better return on your money, or open up a new revenue stream? Whatever your criteria for success, we can source properties and develop strategies which help you achieve those goals.

Our Dedicated team will work with you to provide:

  • Combined investment criteria for assessing successful investments
  • On and off market properties (predominately off-market)
  • Help and guidance on the legislation involved in buying properties for rent

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