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What type of opportunity are you seeking as a property investor?

Many look for property propositions that offer the prospect of a quick turnaround of their capital, a managed-risk scenario and an attractive ROI forecast.

Those objectives may be achievable through property renovation and ‘flipping’.

What is property renovation and flipping?

The term describes a process whereby a target property is identified, purchased, renovated and sold for profit, within a limited timescale. This end-to-end activity is referred to as “property flipping”.

Property requiring attention offers the prospect of a very attractive ROI and is also a typically fast way of increasing your property portfolio and capital asset holdings.

The benefits of renovating property and flips

Property that is in pristine condition and with little potential for improvement or expansion may be towards or at the peak of its potential resale value.

By contrast, a property that has scope for considerable improvement by renovation might have a hidden rapid-value growth possibility – once the pre-requisite work has been undertaken. Competition for such properties might be lower than might be the case for ready-to-go properties. That further helps keep a brake on prices and allows informed purchasers to get far more for their money in bricks and mortar plus land terms.

How we can help

Flipping properties is intuitively and understandably attractive for many.

However, it is exceptionally important to ensure you have a sound financial plan in place and that you are looking only at properties that are ripe for fast turnaround and those attractive ROIs.

We can assist you by:

  • Helping you prepare an objective and costed analysis of the option you’re considering – including renovation costs and realistic re-sale potential
  • Identifying the properties that are potential-rich (including some that might not be on the public market)
  • Performing risk-assessments
  • Helping with formatting proposals seeking finance.

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