Portfolio Building

At the beginning of 2020, the average UK property yield was 3.5%, but savvy investors could look at yields of between 5% and 7%.

To achieve those returns on your investment, it is important that you build your portfolio of investments quickly and effectively. And this is where our unrivalled expertise will help.

Providing you with the knowledge, support and investment opportunities required for portfolio building is our primary mission here at Borland Property.

Unlike some other portfolio building services, ours is a bespoke service, giving you a completely tailored, personalised experience and access to attractive deals (such as getting five properties for the price of four and off-market opportunities).

Your goals and strategies

We appreciate that every investor has different goals and timescales. Some of our clients want to be completely hands-off in their portfolio building, while others may want to get more involved. Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to identify your goals and provide the help required.

Build your portfolio quickly

Wherever in the world you are based, wherever in the UK you are interested in property investment, we are able to help.

As a busy investor, our tailored service is there to help and support you, providing an essential toolkit for growing your property investment portfolio, including:

  • Building your portfolio quickly and effectively
  • Securing five property investment deals for the price of just four
  • Securing those prime deals specifically centred on your personal investment criteria, property preferences and strategy
  • A strategy designed to get the most out of your property portfolio.

At Borland Property we are committed to helping you seize opportunities, so you can build your portfolio quickly and enjoy attractive returns. For your added reassurance, all our investments come with additional exit strategies to reflect the ever-changing property market.

To see how Borland Property can help you quickly and cost-effectively build your portfolio, please contact us on 0141 212 7999. Or, book a free Discovery Day here.

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