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Helping experienced investors grow strategically

Even if you are an experienced property investor, there will be times when you need additional help and/or guidance on expanding your portfolio.

At Borland Property, we understand that you may face challenges when expanding your business.

This may be because you:

  • Are cash-rich and time-poor – you don’t have the time to research and source properties then deal with the legalities
  • Want to diversify into a different investment location
  • Want to switch from one type of let to another (e.g. your current portfolio is HMOs, but you wish to explore serviced accommodation)
  • Need additional expertise to ensure you continue to grow your portfolio around your long-term goals and investment criteria.

This is where our tailored, personal service steps in.

The benefits of working with an experienced property investment team

At Borland Property, we offer a fully bespoke service to develop your property investment portfolio efficiently.

We can source deals around your investment criteria and property preference to strategically get the most out of your portfolio. This means you can cherry-pick the services you require to fit with your investment strategy.

Not only do we help source the deals, but we will also liaise with solicitors and brokers on your behalf to help speed up the buying process. We provide property management services such as lettings, holiday rentals or serviced accommodation management.

Borland Property offers an end-to-end facility which can provide you with a hands-free yet highly personalised property investment service.

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Even the most experienced investors can benefit from an expert team who:

  • Are always available to provide impartial help and advice
  • Can source exclusive deals quickly – such as off-market properties, or ready furnished and tenanted properties
  • Continually monitor and review your property portfolio from a profit and loss perspective, highlighting areas where improvements and cost-savings may be made.


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