Our 8 Step Process to House Renovations

October 14, 2020 5:47 pm

Beginning a House Renovation

Properties come in all shapes, sizes and conditions, making finding the right residential property to invest in all the more exciting. 

Many properties come to market with a “past its sell-by-date” look - these are gold mine investments. 

The potential these properties bring are endless, all they need is a little bit of TLC. 

At Borland Property we work with you to bring these properties back to the modern world by following our simple eight step process.

Find Your Property

Firstly, we beg in by sourcing an ideal residential property for you to invest in, a property we can bring back to life.

In this stage you hold no worries or responsibilities regarding the property until we agree to secure said property. 

We take control of sourcing and securing a property for you, allowing you to place your attention elsewhere.

Assess the Property

Now that we have secured the property the real work begins. In this stage we will assess the property and its features, determining areas which need attention and alterations. 

This will pave the way for effective brainstorming of the properties potential and where we can take it. 


Putting pen to paper is a key step in the process. The brainstorming stage allows each party to contribute ideas, building on proposals and eradicating non-starters. 

This lets you visualise the properties potential and consider where you can take the property. 

This reduces room for error and helps lead a smooth operation. 

Check Restrictions

Planning the renovation of a property is exciting, however, it is crucial to keep your focus on ensuring you are up-to-date with the dos and don’ts, leaving no room for miscommunication. 

This is vital in taking you to the next stage as failure to check restrictions can bring major problems in the future stages. 

Top Tip: 

There may be occasions during this process where you are met with obstacles and red tape. It is crucial that before carrying out any work on your property that you consult your local council authority to check any formalities and restrictions regarding your property renovation plans.
 This is essential as many council restrictions can differ from one another. 


Now that we have brainstormed and checked the red tape we can go ahead and plan the renovation. 

Putting pen to paper and setting out a clear plan is key to avoiding future mistakes. Creating a plan allows each party to visualise and understand the renovation.

Having a plan to follow will make the process more seamless. 

Planning Consents and Insurance

A step not to be ignored. Much like checking restrictions, failure to gain planning consent can halt a project, therefore, making this a vital stage of our house renovations process. Some projects may require insurance for legal reasons. 

As well as planning consent there are other regulations you must abide by. These may vary for each project so it is important to carry out your own due diligence throughout.

Cost Analysis

After design, planning and paperwork, we move on to tally up the cost associated with your renovation. 

This gives you insight into the affordability of your plans before beginning the project.


Lastly, working with your renovations team, develop a schedule. This will outline a clear goal for the end of each work day, allowing you to envision where the project should be at each stage. 

This also keeps the project on track, with work being completed within the appropriate time frame. 

Meanwhile, a schedule works well as a point of reference to determine everyone’s role and expectations. 


In a recent property renovation project of ours we converted a one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment. This process took careful assessment and consideration but the results were definitely worth it. 

Our apartment initially had a bed recess off of the living room. Our plan was to convert this into a kitchen, creating the opportunity to introduce a new bedroom.

To complete this project we had to consult and work with many parties. Before starting work we liaise with our local council. We then went on to consult architects and structural engineers to ensure our plans were possible and done right. 

This involved knocking down the wall of the bed recess and replacing it with a steel beam, this is to ensure we continued to provide structural support. We were then able to develop this space into a kitchen. 

Moving on, we replaced the previous kitchen with a bedroom, allowing us to increase the capacity and value of this property. 


Don’t be disheartened by a property that needs some work, this is merely an opportunity to get creative and increase the property’s value. Borland Property works closely with you to find and secure the right property for you to invest in, without any stress. We then assist you in brainstorming the most valuable renovation ideas and support you whilst gaining information on the appropriate checks, considerations and paperwork. 

Before, during and after your project it is vital you carry out your own due diligence to ensure there are no miscommunications or broken regulations.

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