Social Housing

Helping communities through property

There is increased emphasis from national and local government on social housing.

The demand for higher levels of social housing provision may offer opportunities for investors. This is though, a highly specialised area and having expert advice in advance is essential.

Why invest in social housing schemes?

It seems clear that government commitment to the increased provision of such housing is likely to be ongoing. That means that demand should be high from official bodies going forward for the foreseeable future – therefore, demand is relatively fixed. That political commitment is being driven by the needs of communities. Where both public and political pressures are united in driving demand, opportunities for investment may exist.

Furthermore, the involvement of intermediary agencies typically means few if any occupancy gaps, maintenance overheads or ongoing agency fees. Properties can be sourced specifically, as required, for government agencies

How do these schemes work?

Typically, investors contract with government agencies, social housing associations or possibly other socially active organisations.

Some investment also takes place through intermediary investment funds and likewise.

There are a significant number of different investment models available, depending upon the area and types of property under consideration. The ROI is potentially attractive but this area is complex so again, expert advice is usually essential if managed-risk opportunities are to be identified.

How Borland Property can help

Our team has unrivalled expertise in this area.

We can assist you in areas such as:

  • Understanding the different social housing property investment opportunities
  • Helping you to match those against your own investment and ROI requirements
  • Identifying suitable properties that might be appropriate for social housing conversion
  • Connecting you with various associations and government bodies, if required, for further advice and information.

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