International Investors

Investing in the UK

If you are an international investor or expat looking to invest in the UK then at Borland Property our bespoke, unrivalled investment service is designed for you.

The UK has long attracted international investors due to its booming financial sector, world-class universities and cities, and favourable regulation. This, coupled with:

  • Ongoing demand for housing due to a housing shortage
  • A strong outlook for capital growth
  • UK renters expected to outnumber homeowners by 2039*
  • Low interest rates

makes the UK an extremely attractive proposition for international investors.

The challenges of investing from abroad

Investing in UK property – particularly if you are abroad – does have its challenges. You may not be familiar with the legal system and processes (such as taxation, conveyancing, etc.), for example.

Plus, knowing exactly where to invest and selecting a property may be difficult. You may also have concerns over financing – whether raising it or transferring money to pay for the investment.

At Borland Property, we can help. Whether you’re based overseas or an expat looking to earn money from property back home, our team are here to steer you through the whole process.

We’ll show you that investing from outside the UK can be much more straightforward than you think.

What we can do to help international investors

At Borland Property, we have extensive experience in UK property investment from overseas. We have helped clients from France, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Belgium, Germany, India and South Africa invest in UK property.

We work with you to:

  • Identify key areas and properties that match your investment goals
  •  Introduce you to our trusted partners such as FX brokers, banks and so on
  • Manage everything from property sourcing to property management (if required).

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