Commercial Properties

The power of commercial property

Commercial property investment offers the possibility of being able to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk.

As it works independently from other asset classes, it is less vulnerable to fluctuations in the wider market. Even so, finding suitable investment opportunities takes skill and experience.

The different types of commercial investment properties

Commercial investment properties can range from a single shop unit, through a larger retail outlet right up to an entire block. Their use might be retail, storage, manufacturing or clerical office-based activities.

Our expertise also covers social organisations such as local government agencies or housing associations, helping to find care homes and other types of accommodation.

A bespoke service

There are fundamental differences between residential and commercial investments, at Borland Property, our personalised service can help. The approach used to assess the income potential of commercial properties vary considerably from one to the other.

It is important to have expert consultation at all stages of your deliberations. The expertise and market knowledge within our team will help you towards success, whether you are considering restaurants, hotels, corner shops or major shopping centres. No project is too big or too small.

We work with you

If you’re an individual investor, we will work collaboratively with you to understand your objectives and tailor the most appropriate investment strategy.

If you’re a corporate investor, our team will be pleased to operate seamlessly with your organisation and teams on target acquisition activities and quantifications etc. Those services include:

  • Property sourcing
  • Helping to secure property financing
  • Advising on optimum tenancy models in order to increase value
  • Converting commercial properties into residential propositions.

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