Successfully Sourced Buy-to-Lets

April 3, 2021 10:00 am

Successfully Sourced Buy-to-Lets

Investing in the right strategy is crucial to ensuring success for a property investor. A property investor must carry out thorough research and due diligence before committing to an investment, otherwise, they risk facing detrimental consequences.

There are a range of strategies available for investors to choose from, Buy-to-Lets, Serviced Accommodation, Flips and more. Each strategy comes equipped with its own benefits and advantages, and selecting the one that is right for your property portfolio is hugely dependent on what your property portfolio objectives are.

Throughout our experience we have worked with multiple investors, sourcing properties for them that meet their ambitions. Over the years many of our investors, both new and experienced, have opted to secure properties which meet Buy-to-Let strategies.

Buy-to-Let Strategy

Quite often, property increases in value over the years, ultimately leaving you with a valuable asset in the long-term. This is why many investors choose to invest in Buy-to-Let strategies as part of their property portfolio as they earn a steady monthly income, whilst adding to their assets.

As established in previous blogs the demand for rental properties is on the rise as many are opting to rent rather than buy. It is thought that this has become a popular option as a result of 2020’s events. Additionally, people’s preferences and lifestyles are altering which is in some cases changing people’s priorities.

Greenock Buy-to-Let

This property, sourced for one of our investors, is a beautifully spacious bottom floor flat. This apartment consists of two spacious bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and an equally spacious reception room.

This property is located in Greenock, Inverclyde and was sourced at a purchase price of £33.5K. After refurbing this property with a cosmetic upgrade and new kitchen installation the estimated end value of this two bedroom apartment is £55K. With a solid combination of location, apartment offering and quality renovation this property estimatedly secured our investor £160 per month.

Greenock Buy-to-Let

A beautiful one bedroom cottage flat, sourced in the West End of Greenock. This property is made up of one greatly sized double room, comfortable lounge, kitchen and bathroom.

At the time of sourcing, this property was purchased at £39K with an estimated done up value of £60K. Upon securing this property, demand in the area was high, therefore, it was decided that a buy-to-let strategy was best suited. With the offerings this apartment presents, such as its location and capacity, our investor expects to earn £228.75 per month.


Recently sourced, this property is a one bedroomed upper-floor apartment. Located in Paisley, Renfrewshire this property has the benefit of residing in a well-established area giving it the advantage of access to strong transport links, great leisure facilities and more.

This property was secured below market value for £39,999.99 and after a cosmetic uplift, it has an estimated done up value of £55K. This will potentially bring our investor £239.69 per month.

Using a Property Sourcer

By using a property sourcer to gain assistance in finding a buy-to-let property for your property portfolio you can experience an array of benefits.

Working with a property sourcer provides you with in-depth knowledge of local markets.

Property sourcers also have the advantage of experience in their field, allowing them to help you determine which good deals.

Many investors enjoy property investing as a side project, meaning they can often be time poor. A key advantage of working with a property sourcer to find a property is the reduction in demand for an investors’ time.

Pairing their knowledge and experience often gives property sourcers the advantage of having a strong network. These connections will potentially lead you to better deals and allow your time and money to be allocated effectively.


Property investors are often cash rich but time poor, meaning their commitment to finding a great property to add to their portfolio is restricted. This can be mediated through working with a property sourcer to find a property deal which will meet your portfolio objectives.

Demand for rental properties is continuing to grow, opening the market for buy-to-let investors a little more each time. This has led many of our investors to the decision of adding buy-to-let investments to their portfolio.

With the offerings of their locations and property quality, Greenock and Paisley are beginning to appear again and again in our hunt for properties suitable for buy-to-let investments. As our article explores, the properties often offered by these towns bring spacious apartments, quality apartments in areas which are advantageous when it comes to access to transport links and leisure facilities.

By working with us, our investors gained the advantage of utilising our knowledge, experience and network to find the right property for their portfolio.

Disclaimer: This is information based on our knowledge gained throughout years of experience, education and learnings. This information is open to interpretation, therefore, you must carry out your own due diligence regarding the subject.

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