Reasons to Invest in Renfrewshire

March 18, 2021 10:00 am

Reasons to Invest in Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire is an area that presents investors with a variety of advantages and opportunities should they choose to invest. Renfrewshire covers an incredibly large area, incorporating the towns of Paisley, Renfrew, Johnstone, Erskine, Linwood and the villages Bishopton, Kilbarchan, Bridge of Weir, Elderslie, Houston, Inchinnan, LochWinnoch, and Langbank, giving it a population of almost 175,000 people.

The location of these towns and villages has encouraged a population of working-aged people, ranging from skilled workers to degree-level professionals. Renfrewshire has a lot to offer within itself, meanwhile, being surrounded by local authorities - East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, City of Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire and Inverclyde - also provides an attraction to Renfrewshire. This article will outline in detail the key factors which we have encountered throughout our experience that we believe make Renfrewshire an incredible place to invest in property.

Transport Links

Renfrewshire is an area that is blessed with great transport links, permitting your ability to easily travel to the bustling City of Glasgow or a tranquil trip to the beach in North Ayrshire. Paisley alone has three well connected train stations, easing the stress of public transport. These towns and villages are also fortunate enough to have efficient bus and taxi services, catering to all.

Paisley is also home to one of the UK’s busiest airports, despite its name, Glasgow Airport is actually located in Paisley. Being home to Glasgow Airport brings Paisley multiple opportunities, attracting business travellers, short-stay tourists and more.

Being such a well-connected area makes Renfrewshire a fantastic location for investors to consider investing in property as it continues to grow the potential for the area.


Incorporating multiple towns and villages gives Renfrewshire the advantage of being filled with incredible entertainment facilities from shopping to leisure. Residents and guests of Renfrewshire won’t struggle for something to do.

Renfrewshire is home to a number of easy accessible shopping centres of different sizes, appealing to a range of markets, and multiple retail parks offering a variety of products and services. Meanwhile, within Renfrewshire there are also many entertainment centres offering something for everyone from rock climbing to snowboarding to dining to trampolining and more. After 2020s events many may be looking to spend more time outdoors when restrictions are eased. Renfrewshire also has an offering for this, with facilities that let people reconnect with nature.

Property Prices

Property prices across Britain are on the rise and Renfrewshire is no expectation, however, despite their 15% rise on last year's numbers, Paisley is Britain’s property hotspot, Rightmove claims. Rightmove believes this could be a result of people seeking nature and the outdoors after 2020, something investors must now be mindful of when selecting where to invest.


Renfrewshire have committed £100m to the investment of Paisley Town Centre to revamp its venues and outdoor spaces. The aim of this is to embrace Paisley’s past and heritage as it moves into the future. This will ultimately give residents reason to remain in Renfrewshire, meanwhile, attracting newcomers and tourists through the creation of allowing larger capacity for events.

As part of their outdoor investment Renfrewshire council plan to resurface the local roads within Paisley Town Centre, improving the Town’s infrastructure and encouraging a better flow of traffic.

This investment in its home town also aims to aid the recovery of Paisley from the effects of the pandemic.

New Homes

Renfrewshire council have plans to add additional housing to their towns and villages through building new homes. These homes will be built throughout their local authority covering Paisley, Bishopton and Johnstone. This plan for increasing housing within the areas demonstrates to investors that there is a demand for housing within Renfrewshire, therefore, by investing they can contribute to the supply. These plans aim to be complete by 2024 suggesting this demand is continuous.


Home to almost 175,000 people, Renfrewshire’s workforce is incredibly diverse, offering a variety of skills and professions. Renfrewshire itself attracts the attention of this workforce as it encompasses a range of industrial estates, appealing to a variety of professions.

Paisley is also home to one of Scotland’s highest ranked young university, The University of the West of Scotland. Paisley’s university paired with the Town’s college brings a large student population to Renfrewshire, increasing the authoritie’s diversity, appeal and housing need. This creates ample opportunity for investors, whether they are looking for something specific or an addition to their portfolio.


Renfrewshire has a lot of great qualities and offerings which appeal to many outsiders. The strength and devotion of their transport links allows easy commuting, meaning the area is well connected with those surrounding it.

An authority focused on its people, Renfrewshire is packed with entertainment and leisure facilities, providing plenty of opportunities to occupy its residents and visitors.

An area that is set for development the popularity of Renfrewshire is on the rise, bringing greater potential for investments.

Renfrewshire continues to embrace its heritage, culture and diversity, making it an incredibly welcoming and inclusive area. This appeals to many, making it an area investors should consider.

Overall, there are multiple attractive factors which make Renfrewshire a great area to invest in the West of Scotland. With its growing population and plans for development investors can really be at an advantage by investing in property within Renfrewshire.

Disclaimer: This is information based on our knowledge gained throughout years of experience, education and learnings. This information is open to interpretation and is in no way an advertisement for Renfrewshire, therefore, you must carry out your own due diligence regarding the subject.

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