Choosing Your Property Agent

January 7, 2021 10:00 am

The right property agent comes as part of choosing the right team for your property investment. Your property agent will assist you with making your property investment a success.

Choosing the right one is vital as you will go on to rely on their expertise to manage your property letting, selling etc. Our article outlines key considerations to make when selecting your property agent.

Like with many things, you place your trust in people who hold knowledge on a subject and experience around the topics they specialise in. This is the same with property agents.

This doesn’t necessarily mean, however, you should choose the property agent who has been in the business the longest.


The location of a property can act as a great advantage for its sale or letting prospects, meaning, having an agent who understands what the advantages of your location are brings an array of benefits.

You are aiming to find a property agent that has knowledge of the location your property is in. Without a wealth of knowledge surrounding the area, the agent could potentially struggle to manage the property.

A local property agent with experience working in your property’s location is likely to understand the community, local people, key selling points and the market.

In turn, these will enhance your agent’s understanding and increase their opportunities when approaching the market.


As well as your property agent having knowledge of the location of your property, you can gain an advantage by choosing a property agent who has experience working with your property investment type - Buy-To-Let, Flips, Serviced Accommodation etc.

This experience means they will understand what is required to qualify a sale, let etc for your property. Different property types require different approaches, therefore, this knowledge will bring great assistance to your property investment.

By understanding your property investment type, your agent will easily envision the right audience to market your property to, reducing wasted time.

Whilst reviewing your agent’s experience, it is imperative that you gather information on their previous success rates. Do they often achieve full asking price etc? This will help you envision your potential success rates.


While your property agent is working “on the ground”, you are working as a team, so building a relationship is important. You need to select a property agent that you can work well with otherwise, you risk damaging your investment.

Strong communication will allow you to remain up-to-date with the progress of your property investment, meanwhile, your property agent will develop a clear understanding of your objectives.

This understanding will give them the ability to create a solid plan around your investment. Ultimately, this will increase your opportunity for success.


Marketing this 2 bedroom apartment for our investor, a local property agent achieved above asking price in the final sale


The right property agent for you will be someone who is passionate about their role.

This passion will encourage your property agent to give their dedication to your property investment. Your property requires someone who is as dedicated to your investment as you are.

A dedicated property agent will work hard to ensure your property achieves the value it is worth, and by not settling for less they will instil greater confidence in you.

Determine where your property agent is going to advertise your property. By advertising via multiple channels the opportunity of selling your property will increase massively, therefore, it is important to partner with an agent who offers this.


You wouldn’t dive into booking a holiday without gathering reviews first, so don’t rush into selecting a property agent.

Do your research. You’ll gain a better perception of your potential property agent through researching reviews and previous clients’ experiences. This will help you understand if they are suitable to pair with you or not.

Word-of-mouth is a great way to gather information regarding a service, therefore, by sourcing reviews you will gain an honest picture of your agent and their abilities.


Choosing the right property agent can be a difficult decision, but by following our advice you will gain knowledge around how to potentially choose the property agent that suits you best.

A property agent that holds knowledge of the location of your property provides you with the opportunity to gain understanding of the market you are aiming at.

Meanwhile, an agent’s understanding of the type of property investment you have and their experience with this type is imperative to making it a success. Reviewing your property agent’s success rate with this type of property is also important before committing and getting started.

A passionate property agent will be perfect for your property as they will be completely dedicated to bringing you success - ensuring they will work hard on meeting your objectives.

By comparing property agents you will determine the agent best suited to meeting your property investment objectives - increasing your opportunities for success through this partnership.

Disclaimer: This is information based on our knowledge gained throughout years of experience, education and learnings. This information is open to interpretation, therefore, you must carry out your own due diligence regarding the subject.

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