Become a Supplier

We are always eager to form productive relationships.

Professional relationships with external suppliers who share our passion for property and a commitment to providing only exceptional service.

If you have the services and skills we require, we may be interested in discussing things further with you.

Our potential opportunities

We have supplier relationships in a number of business areas.
They typically include (but are not limited to):

  • General builders and roofers
  • Cleaners
  • Gardeners
  • Estate agents
  • Legal services providers
  • Specialist trade providers (e.g. damp, timber decay, etc)

Borland Property's supplier requirements

We pride ourselves on our open, friendly, professional and ethical business culture. We are also totally committed to the concept of fair and non-exploitative supplier relationships.

For us, a productive and long-lasting association is the primary objective.

However, we do of course have certain minimum criteria for accepting service provision proposals.

If you apply to us, typically you will need to:

  • Be in full compliance with all business registration laws (if any), as they relate to the specific type of business services you’re providing.
  • Show that you have third-party liability insurance in place covering your activities.
  • Demonstrate, where you have employees, that you have the legally mandatory Employers’ Liability Insurance cover in place.
  • Confirm you adhere to both the law and the spirit of the law with respect to equal opportunity and non-discriminatory work practices (again, where you have employees).
  • Outline the exact nature of your legal and contractual relationship with your business entity (e.g. Sole Trader, Limited Company, Partnership etc.) and any employees you may use (e.g. contractors, casual labour, employee, trainee). This is purely to ensure we are in full conformity with the latest HMRC directives and guidance on “de-facto employee” regulations.

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Partnering involves forming relationships that span the engagement chain, with different companies
and individuals servicing parts of the chain with their own unique expertise.

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