Selling your property

For institutional investors or other property owners selling off or buying assets, Borland Property can help you quickly achieve your goals, while providing a discreet, professional and highly bespoke service.

How we work

At Borland Property we work with asset management companies, hedge fund providers, landlords, pension fund providers, local authorities and public bodies such as NHS, Network Rail etc. to provide a seamless, hassle-free sale or acquisition service.

We are highly experienced in working with institutional investors and other property owners and in the last two years alone have bought over £5m of property for cash.

Why choose Borland Property to sell your property assets?

Our unrivalled experience and wide network of trusted professionals makes Borland Property the ideal choice for institutional investors.

We believe that working with us is better than going to the market as you will benefit from a bespoke, professional service where properties are bought for cash, quickly and efficiently – saving you on sales time, and costs, etc.

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Are you an individual seller?

For individuals selling their property, please visit our sister site Easy House Buying a direct-to-vendor, cash buying sevice for indivituals and ordinary people selling their property for any reason.

If you are an institutional investor or other property owner selling off assets (or you are looking to make property acquisitions) then please contact us on (+44) 141 212 7999 for a discreet, no obligation discussion today.

Are you an institutional investor looking to sell?

At Borland Property we provide a fully compliant, trusted and personalised service

We buy everything from land, commercial units and one bed flats to 4 bed houses

Prices may be agreed in as little as 24 hours

All offers are cash offers which can be paid directly into your account in most instances

We work with individual sellers too.

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